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Welcome to Your Pursuit of Happiness podcast.

Join your hosts Laura and Paul as they explore issues that matter to people working in the Irish Fintech and financial services industry.

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Show Notes

Episode 61 - Alejandro Gutierrez - Defactor & Defactor Labs

Episode 60 - Andrew Quinn - PAT Business School

Episode 59 - Sara Jane Kenny - Web3

Episode 58 - Owen O Driscoll - Plandail

Episode 57 - Gavin Pitcher - CKS Finance

Episode 56 - What a Good CV/Resume Looks Like!

Episode 55 - Your Job Search in 2021

Episode 54 - Recruitment During the Christmas period

Episode 53 - Recruitment During the Second Lock Down

Episode 52 - What do you need to think about if you are considering a career change?

Episode 51 - Financial Services Recruitment post lockdown, pre-Brexit!

Episode 50 - When will we return to the office post Covid?

Episode 49 - Adrian Whelan - BBH & Protect Accent

Episode 48 - Pride Under Lockdown

Episode 47 - Interviewing by Video in the “New Normal”

Episode 46 - Edel O'Malley - Basis.Point

Episode 45 - Covid Special with Pete Townsend of Norio Ventures & Paul Smyth of Top Tier & Possible.ie

Episode 44 - Understanding Brexit [With The British Irish Chamber of Commerce]

Episode 43 - R3 [With Katelyn Baker and Dave Hudson]

Episode 42 - Karen Malone of Centaur Fund Services

Episode 41 - Jamie Heaslip

Episode 40 - FINTECH Circle - Interview with Michal Bezak - Head of Partnerships at FINTECH Circle

Episode 39 - Growing Starling - Interview With Felim O’Donnell [COO with Starling International]

Episode 38 - Girls In Tech Dublin - Coral Movasseli

Episode 37 - How To Be More Productive At Work - Moira Dunne from BeProductive-ie

Episode 36 - Top Tier Recruitment Launches Simon Community Partnership

Episode 35 - Employee Engagement and Peak Performance - With Abigail Ireland

Episode 34 - How To Handle 2nd and 3rd Round Interviews

Episode 33 - Evelien Veenman - Chief Happiness Officer

Episode 32 - Joanne Hession (LIFT Ireland) Increasing The Level Of Positive Leadership In Ireland

Episode 31 - The Power Of Your Employer Brand [Discussion With Niamh O’Connor]

Episode 30 - How We Are Different

Episode 29 - How To Hand In Your Resignation

Episode 28 - Understanding High Performance - Enda Lynch Of The Munster Rugby High Performance Leadership Programme

Episode 27 - How To Handle An Unsuccessful Job Application

Episode 26 - How To Create A Great Place To Work [Interview With Fania Stoney]

Episode 25 - How To Negotiate A Job Offer

Episode 24 - Talking Employee Financial Wellness With Adam Hankin Of Wagestream

Episode 23 - Talking Fintech With Andrew Quinn of Dublin Business School

Episode 22 - Building An Employee Benefits Tech Company - With David Kindlon

Episode 21 - The Future Of Technology In Financial Services - With Hesus Inoma Of Grant Thornton

Episode 20 - Keeping Track Of Your Job Applications

Episode 19 - Should You Steer Your Job Interview?

Episode 18 - Talking Corporate Coaching & Mentoring With Philip Coffey

Episode 17 - Pete Townsend of Norio Ventures On The Funds Industry In Ireland And On Helping Tech Startups

Episode 16 - Social Media And Your Job Search

Episode 15 - Apply Directly Or Via A Recruitment Consultancy?

Episode 14 - Special Guest Interview: Vessy Tasheva of Vessy.com

Episode 13 - How (And Why) To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Episode 12 - Paul Smyth’s Diversity & Inclusion Speech At FuSIoN (Financial Services Inclusion Network)

Episode 11 - Special Guest Interview: Sarah Johnston Of BriefcaseCoach.com

Episode 10 - How To Answer Behavioural Interview Questions

Episode 9 - The Impact Of Brexit On The Irish Jobs Market

Episode 8 - How To Manage Your Job Search

Episode 7 - Employer Profile: AQMetrics

Episode 6 - Career Development Tips

Episode 5 - How To Answer Tricky Interview Questions

Episode 4 - The Rapid Rise Of ManCo's in Ireland

Episode 3 - Moving From The Corporate World To A Startup

Episode 2 - Workplace Culture And Your Career

Episode 1 - Welcome!