Recruitment During the Christmas Period

Recruitment During the Christmas Period

November 25 2020

Recruitment always gets slower coming up to Christmas. Companies are focused on their end of year results and hiring Managers take time off to spend with their families, so it always takes a back seat. It is the perfect time to brush up on your cv, interview skills and job search strategies.



When does recruitment typically drop off during the Christmas Season?


Typically, as soon as December 1’st. People are in holiday mode. The focus completely shifts and people are eager to finish with a strong end of year result so recruitment and other functions takes a back seat.


How should a job seeker use the time they have in December to make their candidacy more appealing?


You have essentially a full month to update your cv, LinkedIn profile and job search strategies – this really is ample time to get yourself ready. If you need help with one or all of these areas we do have a coaching business – visit


When is the best time for someone to apply pre or post-Christmas?


Getting your cv in just before the year end might be advantageous as many people make it their new years resolution to find a new job “New Year, New Career” and all that. It means that you need to be clearer on what you want, that your cv is tailored to the specific role and that you can demonstrate your strength as a candidate at screening stage. Using a good recruitment agency or career coach will definitely help.


How can a job seeker make themselves stand out more as companies receive a rush of applications in January?


Gone are the days where you can throw a generic cv into a company. Yes, there are lots of jobs out there but many companies look for specialists so if you apply to a certain role listing off all your experience, you will come across as a generalist. Be specific and tailor your cv for every role you apply to. Remember the first person looking at your cv might not necessarily understand what you do and might look for keywords – if they don’t jump out, you might be rejected even though you could be ideal for the role.


What else should someone spend time doing between now and applying for a new role?


Get really clear on what you want. Be as specific as possible. Then consider why you want that specific role or company. Once you are really clear on what you want and why you want it, how you will get there will become clearer and more achievable. This is a technique we use in coaching and it works really well in all aspects of your life.


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