Your Job Search in 2021

Your Job Search in 2021

January 13 2021



Is this year any different from previous ones?

  • Interviews are all online, so we need to be able to adapt our style and be comfortable with zoom or other video methods
  • Finding ways to give that “firm handshake” virtually will be important. For example, try to research your interviewers on LinkedIn and find some commonalities in interests etc which you can use as an icebreaker to create rapport
  • There is absolutely no excuse for being late! You need to ensure your internet is working and the interview link is working at least 30 minutes in advance of your interview


We recorded a Podcast recently around things you need to consider when making a career change.

You can access this Blog and Podcast episode HERE!


With an end in sight for covid, what are you seeing in Financial Services and Fintech specifically:

  • On the Technology side, we are getting more demand for Hybrid Type functions particularly from new operations setting up in Ireland where they have immediate demand for talent for example, we are seeing more Full Stack positions rather than Front or Back end specific and demand for skills that can work cross functionally doing a BA and Developer function. Once companies, settle I believe the more specific specialist functions will again be more in demand
  • On the non-tech side, we are seeing Fintech companies, who were supposed to be funded early 2020 that were funded late 2020, release roles in and a mix of junior and senior positions on the product side, business development and other roles in that space. Fintech is going to be busy, payments in particular. A lot happened in that space due to factors likes Brexit, where companies want access to Eu Markets. On the Traditional Financial Services side, I am seeing similar demand to tech in that hybrid type roles in the programme and project management side where someone can hold that strategic view and get hands-on with projects

Late last year didn’t slow down as it would normally in our specialist industries which is great.


Obviously, we have a vaccine on the horizon, how will the workplace change in the future?

  • We have done several blogs on the future of working throughout 2020. Candidates are used to working from home and the majority really enjoy being at home and spending more quality time with family. We also did a poll where most people favour working from home 3 days per week and 2 days in the office.
  • Employers are also used to managing people remotely and have been able to clearly see who is performing and who is not. Going forward, they will be more lenient on flexible working arrangements
  • I would be interested when a vaccine is in, will we be able to go back working as we were before? Will having a permanent ability to come into the office be a benefit in itself? There is a group of people who want to be able to go into the office? I wonder will there be a point in time where people don’t need to book into the office for next Tuesday but can wake up and decide to go into the office?


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Checklist for your video interview

  • Is your internet working?
  • Have you ensured the video link is working at least 30 minutes in advance?
  • Are you aware how to turn both your video and audio on?
  • Is your phone on silent?
  • Have you removed all distractions and popups on your laptop or computer i.e. closed your email?
  • Can you ensure children, family members or pets will not interrupt?
  • Is the lighting in your room bright and are you fully visible?
  • Is the background of your room tidy and presentable?
  • Do you have a headset to ensure clear audio?
  • Are you dressed and presented as you would in a face-to-face interview scenario?
  • If you are not comfortable with video interviews, can you practice with a colleague or friend?