One To Watch - R3 [With Katelyn Baker and Dave Hudson]

One To Watch - R3 [With Katelyn Baker and Dave Hudson]

February 18 2020

R3 is an exciting international enterprise blockchain software firm that continues to grow in Ireland.

Join us as Laura and Paul talk with Katelyn Baker and Dave Hudson from R3.

Interview With Katelyn Baker and Dave Hudson from R3

Here are some highlights from the discussion:

R3 video

  • 00:51 - Dave's role & background
  • 01:38 - Katelyn's role & background
  • 04:34 - What does R3 do?
  • 06:07 - Why Dublin?
  • 08:06 - The biggest tech changes coming to Financial Services.
  • 12:40 - Diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.
  • 18:04 - An interesting angle to working in blockchain.
  • 19:25 - Why someone would want to join R3.
  • 21:05 - What non-tech competencies does R3 look for in new hires?

Now let's dive into the podcast discussion.

About R3

R3 is an enterprise blockchain software firm working with a broad ecosystem of more than 300 members and partners across multiple industries from both the private and public sectors to develop on Corda, its open-source blockchain platform, and Corda Enterprise, a commercial version of Corda for enterprise usage.

R3’s global team of over 220 professionals in 14 countries is supported by over 2,000 technology, financial, and legal experts drawn from its global member base. 

The Corda platform is already being used in industries from financial services to healthcare, shipping, insurance, and more. It records, manages and executes institutions’ financial agreements in perfect synchrony with their peers, creating a world of frictionless commerce. 

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