Recruitment During the Second Lock Down

Recruitment During the Second Lock Down

November 25 2020

We are now in our second lockdown, however, this time does feel a lot less severe – perhaps it has become out new normal.



What have you noticed this time versus last lockdown with regards to recruitment?


First time, the whole country went into complete shock. Nobody knew much about Covid 19 or how it was going to impact people and the economy. While we are all still taking huge precautions not to catch it, the general fear has reduced. We are also extremely adaptable and resourceful as human beings. This has become our new normal and we have adapted our lives to accommodate these new restrictions. You can see the reduction in fear reflected in the markets.


Recruitment went on hold for the majority of industries. We are lucky to work in Financial Services and Fintech as these industries continued to recruit throughout. We did see a reduction over the summer which is normal in recruitment.


We have not really been impacted this lockdown as we as a society have just gotten used to the “new normal”.


What demands or requests do candidates have now on employers because of Covid and two lockdowns?


Work from home is definitely something people will demand more of. In general, people will want more flexibility to drop their children to school for example.


What are the biggest positives for candidates as a result of COVID-19?


Since the lockdown people have spent more time with their families, reassessed what is most important in their lives and realised that time with family is precious. People no longer have the commute to work and are better rested as a result.


What are the biggest positives for clients as a result of covid?


In the longer term as people want more flexibility to work from home, commercial rents will be reduced as a result. Companies also can access a wider candidate pool if they truly embrace remote working.


Do you believe recruitment will be badly impacted into 2021?


This really is a difficult question to answer. This is very different than the financial crises and there are a lot of unknowns. We are lucky to work in Financial Services and Fintech as we have not been as badly impacted as other industries. We believe we will see more happening because of Brexit.

Obviously with the introduction of the vaccine, we are optimistic that next year will be better than 2020.


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