Sara Jane Kenny - Web3

Sara Jane Kenny - Web3

February 24 2023

Sara Jane, at 18 years of age, is probably one of the best known people in and around the Web3 space in Ireland… and beyond. For anyone who want’s to get into Web3 (or any industry for that matter), this podcast is for you. Sara Jane has had her own start up, worked with Mel Ventures, Sors, Algorand, Unbanx and invests in Crypto and Web3 projects – we chat about everything from crypto to taking risks to get what you want. 


  • 1:00 – Tell us about your background and how you got into Web3 & Blockchain
  • 7:00 – You don’t need to be from a tech background to get into Web3
  • 9:00 – Attempted career recap! 
  • 10:20 – How to get into Web3 & Blockchain
  • 12:45 – Networking in Web3 in Ireland
  • 13:45 – Always upskill!
  • 15:00 – Non technology roles in Web3 & Blockchain
  • 16:45 – Advice for getting into Web3 & Blockchain 
  • 18:30 – Is Web3 more about the person than the skills?


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LinkedIn: Sara Jane Kenny