Apply Directly Or Via A Recruitment Consultancy?

Apply Directly Or Via A Recruitment Consultancy?

July 04 2019

Ever wondered whether you should apply to a job directly or via a recruitment firm?

Sure, we lean a particular way on this but, today on the Your Pursuit Of Happiness podcast, Laura and Paul will give you their honest opinions and give you some tips to consider either way.

But first . . .

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Podcast Discussion

Ok, let's get into the discussion . . .

Today we're going to discuss working with recruitment firms.

One question that probably comes to people's mind all the time is, "Should I apply directly or apply to a recruitment firm?" 

Ok, clearly we’re biased 😊 

Obviously, we think everyone should apply through recruitment agencies and never apply directly ever!

Even if you know the person. 

Ok, we’re joking there!

But generally, there are a few different things to think about. 

If you know someone and you have a direct relationship with someone in a company, that's always the best way to go.

Where a recruitment consultancy like us are able to help is in our pre-existing, direct relationships with businesses. 

Whether that's through HR, an in-house recruitment team, hiring managers, business owners, whatever it is; we have those contacts, we have those connections.

We also make sure that your CV is seen by the right people. We can talk to them on your behalf. We can promote you. 

If we have decided to work with you on a particular role, we'll be doing our very best to get you in front of our client.

There certainly are advantages to going through a recruitment firm. 

As we said at the very start, like if you know someone, that is the best way to go.

Another area where a recruitment consultancy can add value is at the end when it comes to negotiation. #A lot of people get quite uncomfortable when it comes to negotiating salaries - that's something we do on a daily basis. It's very familiar to us.

We'll also have more information than you'd probably be able to get on the outside. We'll probably have had at least a call or a meeting with the client to really understand the roles. We'd be able to give you the inside track in terms of what they're really looking for and what they're going to be probing at interview. 

Certainly, we try to give candidates as much information as possible before they start a job search process. We give as many resources as we can to help people prepare properly. We've already had a conversation with the hiring manager or had people go through the process so we have a good understanding of the hiring manager, the team, and the culture. 

Also, because we advise people on a daily basis, we know how to properly help people prepare for the interview and track the process.

Choosing The Right Recruitment Consultancy

When it comes to choosing the right recruitment consultancy for you, there are financial services industry specialist firms like Top Tier Recruitment, and then there a generalist firms. 

We are a specialist firm. 

Financial services and Fintech is 99% of what we do. 

We know the companies, we know the roles, etc. 

As a candidate, you’d probably want to have conversed with consultants who knows and understands what you do, know, and who understood the industry.

We know the vast majority of companies, roles, events, and so on.

Need Help?

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