When will we return to the office post Covid?

When will we return to the office post Covid?

August 31 2020

Wow, what a hectic year!!! 2020 will certainly be one we will all never forget. For some, it has been stressful, sorrowful and an unenjoyable experience. For others, it has given them the chance to press the reset button, get their exercise and eating patterns at a satisfactory level, and has allowed them reassess what is important to them.


Regardless of where you are on your Covid journey, an interesting question is continually raised from our clients and candidates – “when do you think we will return to the office?”.



In this episode Paul and Laura discuss the following:

  1. When are we back in the office?
  2. Is there any consensus on when companies are going to be back in the office?
  3. Do people want to go back to the office?
  4. There has been a lot of talk of the pandemic changing how we work in the future, what are we hearing from companies and employees?
  5. Aside from working remotely, what other changes have we seen in how people are working?
  6. What is the impact on management and leadership?


To get a real insight into what people want, we ran a poll on LinkedIn where we asked people what they want. Over 600 people voted, and the strong preferences was that people want to work fully remote followed closely by 3 days per week. You can see more about this poll below as we had some very interesting comments regarding personality types, career stages, role type etc


Click Here to view our poll


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