Andrew Quinn - PAT Business School

Andrew Quinn - PAT Business School

March 03 2023

Delighted to have Andrew Quinn back on the show for a second time. Andrew talks about how he went from bringing down Lehman Brothers πŸ˜‰, before skipping off to the Bahamas, to education. Andrew has been a long time friend of Top Tier Recruitment and a real pleasure to hear his back story and his passion for what he does today supporting the Compliance & Risk industry in Ireland.

1:00 – Andrew’s background and how he went from trading to academia!

4:00 – Making a positive contribution to society

5:50 – What do you do now with PAT Business School

10:00 – Compliance by Design and how technology is changing things – including ChatGPT

11:00 – Embracing technology

11:45 – What is going to be important to know if you are in compliance and risk over the next few years?

14:20 – Will technology make compliance more strategic?

15:30 – Ireland & the EUs high standards in risk & compliance

16:30 – What has changed from 2007 to today when hiring in Risk & Compliance – is Compliance becoming more commercial?

19:30 – Speed to market & compliance

20:00 – From FinTech to Blockchain

23:15 – New avenues for Compliance & Risk professionals?

26:00 – Compliance in Crypto

27:50 – Find out more

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