Interviewing by Video in the “New Normal”

Interviewing by Video in the “New Normal”

July 15 2020

For anyone on the job hunt, you will know the market is starting to pick up again and there are more and more roles being released every day. We work in Financial Services and Fintech and these industries have remained strong throughout, but some industries did stop all recruitment which is starting to move again.


For anyone who has not interviewed by video before, read below our Top 5 useful tips for Interviewing by Video:



  1. Ensure you are comfortable communicating your skillset through video

While we should be able to present ourselves as we would face-to-face, this method might be new to some people, hence can be off-putting.  A simple way to overcome your resistance to this method is by doing a mock interview with your recruiter if you went through one or asking a colleague or friend to help. This can help you become more familiar and comfortable with the video method when the interview goes ahead.

  1. Presentation should still be high on your agenda

You should dress yourself as you would for an interview, although you can get away with dressing only the bottom half 😉 I have caught someone who had to get up for something and I saw their checkered patterned, undisguisable pyjama bottoms! Also make sure the room you are interviewing in is tidy. The best way to position the came is to point it to a blank wall as your backdrop.

  1. Limit distractions

You are most likely working from home where children and animals can be a huge distraction – make sure if there is someone else at home, they are watching them during the interview. Perhaps you can lock the room you are in. Some people think it might be a good idea to keep lots of notes you can refer too but remember even though you are not in front of your interviewers, they can still see you 😉 It is better to limit as many distractions as you can.

  1. Make sure you have a stable WiFi connection

If you have an unstable WiFi connection that you are aware of, please leave the house and ask a friend or family member if you can use theirs. It can be annoying when you are having a conversation with someone and they suddenly freeze. It is your responsibility to counteract such occurrences. Another alternative is to use your phone as the 4G on your phone might be more stable.

  1. Be as natural as possible

This is a regular interview, albeit through a different medium, so prepare as you would normally. By following the above steps, you can reduce any stress or nervous energy you might have around interviewing in this way.


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