Top Tips on Working from Home

Top Tips on Working from Home

July 31 2020

Top Tips on Working from Home


After a few months of lockdown, those of us who can, have found their rhythm with working from home. Everything happened so quickly, so getting the appropriate equipment was not possible for everyone. Not all of us had a home office at the ready and we were forced to use our imaginations when it came to creating our own spaces.

In general many people started to realise how much “stuff” we accumulate and became conscious of it. Others knew their Postman on a first name basis and even showered them with gifts due to the abundance of packages poor “Pat” was forced to cart to their doors.

When it comes to working from home, some people have struggled for various reasons, so we have complied some tips for you to make your experience positive as this could be the new reality for quite some time:

  1.  Find a comfortable space where you can work

Invest in a good desk and chair to avoid back pain. Now Ikea is back open, we have no excuse to continue with the hall table or other hacks we have creatively come up with. Make sure your screen is far enough away and look after those little peepers. If you have young children or pets, make sure you can find a space where you will not be disturbed during your working day

  1. Invest in good broadband

Anyone who has access at this stage would most likely have invested. There are other options for those who do not have access to the fastest options out there so make sure you can avail of the best option for you

  1. Keep your work life balance at the forefront

I have spoken with so many candidates who are finding it difficult to switch off in the evenings and are working many more hours than normal. This is mainly down to the fact they have saved hours on travelling. Use this time to do something for yourself or pick up a new hobby. Have you always wanted to learn an instrument? Now is the time

  1. Get out and about

Getting out during the day is important. If you have a park, beach or are in the city, just getting away from you desk is so important. It is also a great way to exercise

  1. Socialise

During lockdown it was not possible to meet friends, but we all adapted so quickly and used zoom, whatsapp, etc to call family and friends on a frequent basis. While it was not the same as a face-to-face interaction, we made it work. The only problem speaking with people during lockdown is that nobody had any news 😉

  1. Improvise

I was really impressed during the pandemic at how resourceful, adaptable, and generous people were. In this modern world, we always have so much available to us, so forcing us to become creative was hugely rewarding for everyone. People were delighted to share how they used an old tin of paint, they would have otherwise thrown out, to transform their garden furniture. People invested time, as we had/have more, into making our houses, gardens and balconies more beautiful with limited resources when all hardware shops were locked down


Why not try transforming your living rooms into a restaurant for you and your partner or a cinema for your family.

  1. Most importantly enjoy all the extra quality time with your loved ones

If you are finding the new normal tough, try to invest your newfound time into your loved ones – maybe find a hobby you can do together, go for a walk etc. As our minds are negatively bias, we must consciously remind ourselves of everything we do have and focus on all those positives


As we return to “normal”, covid cases are starting to rise so it might be the optimum time to buy that desk or do something you really missed, as lets face it, lockdown #2 could be around the corner. Don’t worry though, you got this!


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