Demand for Contract/Daily Rate Roles

Demand for Contract/Daily Rate Roles

October 04 2017

There has been a notable increase in the amount of contract/daily rate roles on offer in the Technology industry. Let's take a look at these types of jobs.

What do you feel are some of the reasons for the increase in contract/daily rate roles in this sector?

Companies are moving more and more towards contract and daily rate roles. There are a few reasons behind this move. Firstly, the increase in the number of these roles available, can make the job search for candidates easier. Although these are not permanent contracts, contract roles tend to be extended and can roll over a couple o

f years. For companies, especially within the technology industry, project requirements are constantly changing. Hiring contractors gives the employer the flexibility to rotate and hire depending on the requirements of specific projects. In addition, the approval process for contractors ten to be quicker and easier.

What factors do you think candidates should take into account when considering contract/daily rate roles?

Employees are looking at jobs differently today than we would have 10 / 15 years ago. They are moving away from permanent roles and are attracted by the benefits of daily rate contract roles. These can give an employee a real sense of personal freedom. Contractors are in control of their careers and have the ability to choose the projects they have an interest in, and are given more exposure to various technologies. They also have the benefit of working with different companies and organisations, giving them more experience. Aside from experience and flexibility, it can be financially rewarding. 

What opportunities do you have for candidates seeking a contract / daily rate role?

We are actively looking to hire for several Technical positions within the Financial and Fintech space. Here are some of the contract roles we are currently looking to fill;

  • Technical Business Analyst
  • Technical Architect
  • IT Security Designer
  • Programme Manager
  • Technical Designer

As there is a continuous demand for contract roles, we are always keen to meet with candidates within the Financial and Fintech industry.

For more information on our open Contract/daily rate roles please contact us at / +353 - 1 - 564 9602