Robotic Process Automation in a Nutshell

Robotic Process Automation in a Nutshell

June 06 2017

RPA is becoming more and more in demand. We work with Financial Services and Fintech clients exclusively and while the skill set is in high demand within these industries, the candidate pool in Dublin is quite light. The IDA recently hosted a fantastic event in The Marker hotel about RPA and this inspired me to write a couple of paragraphs with my key takeaways.

While RPA sounds complicated, my goal for this brief blog is to simplify it and give you a brief understanding of what is involved.

Simply put, RPA is a set of software tools that act as a virtual staff performing similar human functions in this virtual environment. By replicating human behaviours, these robots take over mundane activities and improve efficiency.

What does this mean for business?

By allowing robots take over tasks like information, extractions, documentation, analytics and data management means human error will be eliminated and work completion will be faster (24/7). This means the ordinary everyday tasks previously conducted by your staff will be taken from them allowing them to concentrate on more useful and interesting tasks hence positively impacting your bottom line.

RPA Summary

  1. Mimics human execution of repetitive processes
  2. The Robots are controlled by the Business Operations teams so robots and humans work on a collaborative basis
  3. Train your robots by using your business operations teams
  4. It sits alongside existing infrastructure
  5. There is no complex integration as robots work with existing IT Architecture

Once you get your head around this, the fear factor people have and the perception of “The robots are taking over” should be eliminated. People are far more valuable and have skill sets beyond the tasks this software can replace so it makes complete sense to embrace these fantastic modern technologies and utilise our people to contribute to our overall business success.

Top Tier Recruitment are actively working with candidates who possess this fantastic skill set. We also have live roles within this space.

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