Moving To Dublin For Your New Job? How To Find A Place To Live In Dublin

Moving To Dublin For Your New Job? How To Find A Place To Live In Dublin

April 10 2019

You would need to have been living on the moon to not be clued into the fact that Ireland is becoming more and more attractive for companies due to Brexit.

As a result, we are actively working with more and more companies setting up shop here and looking for talented people to join them.

But first . . .

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Podcast Discussion

Ok, let's get into the discussion . . .

Ireland is the only other English-speaking country in Europe and this fact coupled with our proximity to the US and simply due to the fact, we are nice people, means transitioning over from the UK to Ireland or beyond is a very real option.

I work in Technology recruitment and if you are not on the moon, you must be living under a rock, if you do not know Technology recruitment is red HOT. We have so many openings and actively reach out to our neighbouring EU countries to relocate talent here.

I would always speak to people first and ascertain if they have a network in Ireland at all. If they do or not, it’s no major issue as:

  • Ireland is a great place to be. The job market is booming, and we are attracting more and more business all the time.
  • We have an international airport so you can easily fly to whatever destination you like.
  • Dublin is vibrant, hugely diverse and multi-cultural.
  • Irish people are very friendly and welcoming.

When moving over to Dublin, it would be a good idea to set yourself up with an AirBnB initially while you are looking for somewhere to live more permanently. It would be a good idea to find a place close to where you work as it will give you a proper feel for the area and the convenience of being close to work while you are figuring out the city will make it easier.

Dublin city can be tricky to find a place right now as there is a huge demand for property but there are many other options and commuter towns like: Leixlip, Naas, Maynooth, Drogheda, Navan or anywhere on the train line really. We have frequent bus services right to Cavan town with many residential options on the way.

You can check or to have a look. There are also many Facebook groups you can join to help you find home shares etc.

I hear too often all the negatives about how hard it is to find somewhere to live in Dublin city and how expensive it is, etc. If you consider London city, there are few people who have the luxury to walk to work and the majority of people commute and according to Business Leader, April 2018, the average Londoner's commute time is 74 minutes!!! 

Our booming economy in Ireland means that we will have to be more realistic about where we can afford to live, and our commute time will be reflected accordingly.

Want Some Advice?

If you are exploring your options to move to Dublin or Ireland in general, we operate in Fintech/Blockchain and Financial Services industries and have many roles for Technology and Finance candidates.

Contact us at or call us on +353 (0) 1 564 9602.

Laura Smyth


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