If I was told to come back to the office 5 days per week I would….

If I was told to come back to the office 5 days per week I would….

July 08 2022

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We are seeing a marked increase in people being mandated back to the office 5 days per week. This is still the minority across Financial Services, FinTech & DeFi but it is happening on a company / team basis and the reaction has been swift – people categorically do not want to be in the office 5 days per week.


There are always going to be exceptions to this:


  1. Some people will want to be back fulltime for personal reasons
  2. There will be some roles that will require a presence in the office where work cannot be completed remotely


But the past two years have shown that work can be done remotely at all levels, hybrid is what the market wants, and mandating 5 days per week in the office will have an impact on recruitment and retention. There is zero doubt about this.


To be clear, this will not render you unable to hire anyone – it will simply reduce your addressable market significantly. You will, however, become very attractive to those who do want to be in an office where everyone is there full time.


This week we asked:


“If I was told to come back to the office 5 days per week I would....”


The Results



By Sector/Level



Key take aways?


  1. Only 15% of those asked lean toward staying in their current company
  2. There is essentially no difference between the sentiment of women and men
  3. Technology candidates are even more likely to actively look for another role than any other segment (68%)
  4. Executives (18%) and Non-Technology professionals (16%) are marginally more likely to stay or ‘see how it goes’ than the average


What can you do?


  1. If you are considering a full return to office, reconsider if at all possible – it will impact your ability to attract and retain talent at all levels and all functions
  2. If you feel your business is unique and will not be impacted by a full return to office, survey your staff anonymously
  3. Own it – if 5 days a week in office is what you want, communicate the ‘Why’ in a clear way. Try to turn it into an advantage to appeal to those that want it
  4. Monitor the impact, be willing to change if it is not working
  5. If you offer hybrid / full remote – use it. It is a compelling benefit and will attract people and significantly broadens your potential talent pool


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