How to land your Dream Job?

How to land your Dream Job?

May 09 2017

There is a huge difference between a job that simply pays the bills and a job that completely excites you to the point that you actually do not dread those Monday morning blues, mid-week slumps or post-holiday depression. Many of us simply accept our “fate” and continue in this rut for the remainder of our working careers.

Why? Because we always do what we always done so we always get what we always got. When applying for a new role many of us continue to follow traditional methods of job processes, waiting for a job to be released and sending in an application and never thinking outside the box. Below are a few ideas to help you to help you secure that dream job:

Register with a trusted Recruitment Agency

Speak with your network about Recruitment agencies and consultants they have spoken with and choose one or two you know you can trust. That way, as soon as a suitable role is released, you will be at the forefront of that consultant’s mind when they are creating a shortlist of candidates.

Constantly upskill & educate yourself

Not only will this keep your skills relevant and allow you to alter your career direction, but it really demonstrates to an employer that you are serious about your career, committed, and hard-working.

Enhance your Digital Presence

While a strong cv is very important, having a strong and fully complete profile on social media (particularly LinkedIn) is vital. This could be the difference in being found by a company or agency as soon as a role is released, as opposed to you proactively sourcing a job where your dream role could be closed or at late stages with other candidates when you eventually come across it.

Make a list of what is important - Remember money is not everything…

Yes, money is a very important aspect as we need to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads, however, remember what is important for you. In the long run, if you are really interested and inspired about what you are doing, the money will follow.

At TTR, we are always open to meeting candidates within Finance and Technology even if we do not have a suitable, live role at that time. It is important to us to really understand our candidates’ motivations and aspirations so that when a suitable role is released, we will be able to move very quickly on behalf of who we represent.

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