Are you interviewing in person? Maybe you should…

Are you interviewing in person? Maybe you should…

August 18 2022

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Flexible hybrid is the go to for most people, turns out, most people also want some part of an interview process in person – nearly 60% in fact. Higher at the executive end (70%). Be warned though, 40% of technology candidates and 38% of junior non tech professionals want to keep the process fully remote.


Our take on it, do one round in person if at all possible. It is a candidates’ market for sure but if a prospective employee will not come in for one in person interview, how keen are they on the opportunity? It can be tempting to keep things fully remote but it may be damaging in the long run.


Check out our main findings and what you can do to retain and attract talent below.


As always, our polls cover all levels and both technology and non technology roles. We received 582 responses across FinTech, Traditional Financial Services and DeFi and our results are broken down into:


  • Executive (VP, Director, Head of Function, CXO, etc.)
  • Non Technology (operations, corporate services, sales, risk, compliance, etc. below Executive Level)
  • Technology (all areas of technology from build to test below Executive Level)


This week we asked:


Would you like to have at least one round of an interview process in person?”


The Results



By Sector/Level



Key take aways?


  1. Overall, nearly 60% of people want some form of in person round in an interview process – this is somewhat skewed by the 70% of executives who show that preference
  2. Although the overall data shows a preference for some form of in person, for technology and junior non technology candidates, ‘No! Keep it remote’ received the most votes
  3. For technology talent, 53% show a preference for in person but a huge 40% want a fully remote interview process
  4. For more junior non technology talent, 51% prefer one round in person and 38% keen on fully remote
  5. Virtually no difference in preference between Female and Male talent aside from technology talent where 53% prefer a fully remote process


What can you do?


  1. Remote interviewing is easier for everyone but the preference shown indicates the importance of in person as part of the process
  2. We have seen the impact of in person interviews providing a lot more engagement and better conversion than fully remote processes where competing and comparable offers fell to the client who had an in person round
  3. There is a risk that by including one in person round that you will loose people in the process – we have seen this also – but we believe there is a positive long term trade off so worth the risk
  4. Although we are advocating for one round in person, technology is the one segment where a slightly more cautious approach may be needed
  5. Align your process to your working policy – if you are hybrid, have a hybrid interview policy


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