6 Interview Chat Up Lines to be Prepared for!

6 Interview Chat Up Lines to be Prepared for!

February 04 2020

"Come here often? Well, you should."

Cheesy one-liners are predictable, and most people are used to them, but preparation is key.

Just like interview questions.

Below are the most common ‘Chat up lines’ you are likely to be asked at interview and a light-hearted steer on how to approach them.

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Now, let's get into those chat-up lines . . .

Who are our main competitors?

Deceptively simple and, if you don’t know or haven’t done your prep, one that can mean leaving the interview knowing you’ll never be called for a second date.

Why do you want to work here?

Obvious line but a good answer to this shows you are more than just another candidate. Think about what makes this company the one for you. Ask your friends, what is this company really like to work for – we can all make a good first impression but if they are the type to not care about squeezing the toothpaste the right way…

What was your biggest achievement in your last role?

Tricky one. One you should ask yourself before every interview and really, ask on a regular basis regardless. What do you bring to your role that is unique? What do you do outside of what you are asked to do? Have you seen (and acted on!) opportunities to improve things?

What are your salary expectations?

You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) ask a prospective partner what they earn on a first date would you? Let your wing man/woman (ie your recruiter) handle this one. We already know your expectations and their budget matches so focus on everything else, tell them what you love about the role and what you can bring to it. Salary is secondary.

What would your current / previous colleagues say about you?

What would they say? May be best to think about this in advance and why not ask? Always good to get an honest opinion.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Awkward one. You don’t want to come on too strong and tell them you want to marry them at this stage but that you are looking for a long term, mutually beneficial relationship is good. Best not to suggest that they are simply a stepping stone until something better comes along though…

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