5 Reasons To Start Your Fintech Job Hunt Before Christmas

5 Reasons To Start Your Fintech Job Hunt Before Christmas

November 19 2018

Many people looking for a Fintech role in Ireland believe they are better off waiting until January to hunt for a new job.

Some feel that looking prior to Christmas is a waste of time or, in a lot of cases, just put it off due to the time of year.

It can be tempting to put it on hold and spend more time with friends and family, being busy with Christmas parties, present shopping or whatever the case may be.

However, there are many reasons why keeping up the job hunt prior to Christmas can benefit you.

Below are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait until January to secure that new job but, first, here's one big reason to start now . . .

The Fintech Jobs Market In Ireland Is Heating Up

Sure, the weather has turned cold but, in contrast, the Irish Fintech jobs marketing is heating-up.

There is a large number of companies expanding rapidly in Ireland and they are offering an exciting array of new opportunities for Fintech job hunters.

Some of the outstanding companies that have recently announced expansions or new jobs include:

(Clearly, now is the time to be contacting your specialist Fintech recruitment firm to give your career a boost).

5 Reasons To Start Your Fintech Job Hunt Now

Here are 5 more reasons why you shouldn’t wait until January to secure that new job:The competition for new jobs will be lower as a large majority of job searchers will wait until the New Year to find a new role.

  1. Many companies are eager to hire before January and hiring managers can be more accessible as there are less people to deal with as they start to wind down before the holiday season.
  2. Budgets set out for new employees and roles that are currently in place, may not be there come January. Meaning companies may have excess hiring budgets to use before the end of year.
  3. Christmas tends to be a popular time for people to leave their jobs. Many people planning to travel or relocate do so in January, there can often be a rise in the number of employees bowing out early December for extended Christmas breaks – all leading to more job opportunities.
  4. Finding a job prior to Christmas break takes the pressure off in January, allowing you to settle into your new job and not having the worries of job hunting on your mind throughout the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Take Action!

So, avoid the influx of new competition in January and stay ahead of the pack this Christmas!

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